Eastenders - Returns 2020
Eastenders Christmas Day 2018 BBC Radio 1 Trail
24 Hours Will Shatter The Square - Autumn 2017 Campaign
Brace Yourself (Radio 1 version) - Spring 2017 Campaign
Brace Yourself (Radio 2 version) - Spring 2017 Campaign
Peggy's Last Goodbye & Killer Bobby - 2016 Campaign


We produced audio trails for the Christmas Day Special of Eastenders in 2018. Listen above.



24 Hours Will Shatter The Square:

Albert Square is rocked by destruction and conflict everywhere you turn.  A week of dramatic action and dramatic trails focusing on key storylines featuring the complex crescendo of the storyline featuring Max, Steven and Jane...  Linda's struggling relationship with Mick and a massive fireball in the middle of The Square. 



Brace Yourself:

An intense love triangle comes to a head in crashing fashion - supporting a TV campaign juxtaposing the love triangle with a massive car crash.



Peggy's Last Goodbye:

Barbara Windsor signs off as Peggy Mitchell in mid-2016.  Every end is a new beginning.  We worked with BBC Creative recording on location in Albert Square and producing the audio trailers campaign.

Bobby - A Killer Revealed: A killer week as Bobby's secret comes out.


For the first time since its inception, Eastenders took a break from production during the Covid lockdown. So, the return of Eastenders to BBC One brought new drama to Albert Square, with fresh starts, secrets and dramatic revelations coming to light.


Production, mixing, recording, sound design: On The Sly

Additional production support BBC M&A

Music: Commercial tracks, Extreme Music and Split Music

Client: BBC Creative & Marketing

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